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Jeanie M. Herold

Currently: A Lead Website Designer for MadeSimply.com

Now living in Charleston, SC, I am originally from Louisville, KY where I lived most of my life. It’s where I call home and its sweet blue grass and beautiful skies seem to call to me in the whispers of the evening sunsets. As passionate as I am about home, I have become just as passionate about design. In the throws of creativity I find it difficult to stop for much of anything until every detail has found its way to perfection in completion. Yet it always seems there might be another tweak here or there that will make it a little bit better. And I love it.

I also love photography, sunsets, a good book in my hands and a game of chess.

I have one more year to complete at Charleston Southern University where I will be graduating in May 2016. The level of education at CSU has been rewarding but even more is the friendships and family I have found in my classmates and equally my professors. CSU has been one of the greatest blessings to come along in my life.

And above all these things… God. my North, my South, my East, and my West. My true life Compass. The Whisperer in my winds.


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